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We are an association made up of a group of residents along Lake Jefferson and others in our area who care about the preservation of the lake. Our mission is to save the lake by repairing the dam and to conserve and restore the environmental, recreational and flood management qualities generously provided to us by Lake Jefferson for the benefit of all residents of Jeffersonville, NY.
Lake Jefferson was created by a dam built in 1927 so the village bathers could romp at and recreate in the shadow of the Lake Jeff Hotel, one of the crown jewels of Jeffersonville until its closing in 1998. Four years later, in 2002, fire burned the hotel to the ground.
During a severe flood in 2006, the spillway face at Lake Jeff was partially shorn away. Following the flood and state of emergency, a costly and extensive repair was done on the dam. The sheer force of the flood waters had scoured out a cave underneath the toe of the dam spillway; it was considered the priority one danger. The repair took place over two construction seasons and involved divers, drillers, industrial-sized pump-out operations above and below the spillway, professional engineers, government engineers, dozens of volunteers, two cement mixers pumping concrete from the Swiss Hill side and Route 52 side and many thousands of dollars in materials and concrete. This was just one of a number of very significant and costly repairs and spillway resurfacings that have taken place over the life of the dam and spillway. And unfortunately, further costly repairs are needed.
In order to ensure the survival of Lake Jefferson, please visit our donation page and consider a tax-deductible contribution. We cannot do it without your support.

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Estimates from multiple engineering firms have put the cost of the repair at around at least a $200,000, and likely higher. An initial engineering study is needed to assess the structural integrity of the dam and watershed model of the lake. We are working with the current owners of the dam to take ownership so that we as a non-profit organization can apply for grants to help fund the repair (something the current private owners cannot do). Once the repair is complete, we will be required to periodically have an engineer inspect the dam to ensure it remains in good condition. All of this will require a large initial funding, and smaller ongoing funding.
The East Branch of the Callicoon Creek is a stocked and native trout stream, home to the American Eel as well. Ensuring that fish and eel are able to bypass the dam is an improvement we may be required to construct as part of dam repair also.

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Andrew Weinstein has hiked and canoed in the Catskill region since he was a boy and, beginning in 2007, he and his wife and two children have found beauty in Jeffersonville away from their New York City home.
Andrew earned a BA from Brown University and a PhD in Art History from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.
A professor of art history at the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York, and an adjunct professor for the Cooper Union and for Duke University, Andrew is also a writer of personal essays with special attention to nature and history.

As a lifelong New Yorker with a naturalist inside, Raphael Rosenbaum has always stove to find balance in his surroundings. As a homeowner on Lake Jeff Raphael and his wife Anastasiya were drawn here by the beauty of the rural setting and sense of community.
With an BA in Environmental Studies from the University at Buffalo and completing an MS in Environmental Science from Brooklyn College, Raphael has often worked with regulatory agencies as an environmental scientist and project manager on a variety of environmental cleanup sites.
Preserving this dam and lake are a calling that the history of this Village and the legacy of Lake Jeff deserve, and Raphael is honored to serve on the board of the LJCA.

Lauren Seikaly is the owner and founder of several small businesses in Jeffersonville – Tavern on Main, 52 & Vine Wine & Spirits, Jeffersonville Bake Shop, Winkelried Biergarten, The Vintage House, and Sprinkles Ice Cream.
Originally from Arlington, Virginia, Lauren is a graduate of the University of Virginia where she received a BA in Drama. In 1998, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in Theater. For 15 years, she performed on stage, screen, and television. And many of those years were spent producing and performing in an all-female improv show, Naked in a Fishbowl.
In 2013 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a year of treatment, she turned her time and attention towards non-profit work. In 2016, she and her family moved to Granada, Spain for 6 months. It was upon her return to the States in June of that year that she was struck with the need to try to help out Main Street in Jeffersonville. One business quickly grew into six and the past four years have been among her most rewarding to date.

Noam Freedman and his family have owned homes in Jeffersonville for the past 35 years, starting with a stately Victorian in the "Beechwoods", and the last 19 years on Lake Jefferson with his wife Annie and son Michael. A lifelong naturalist, and outdoorsman, Noam has been recreationally, and competitively, fishing the region for over 50 years. He also served as the President of 1st Bassmasters of Sullivan County for a decade.
Noam has extensive administrative and management experience, and was self-employed starting in 1986.
For 10 years he was owner/operator of 2 Copy/Print shops, and then opened The Firestore in New York City in 1991, which he operated until 2015. In addition to still running The Firestore's web site, Noam is a Site Supervisor with Mulligan Security.

Anastasiya Rosenbaum is a part time resident of Jeffersonville. She grew up in Minsk, Belarus and spent her summers with her grandparents in the village. She and her husband chose Jeffersonville as their weekend and vacation home because of the beauty and nature which reminds her of her childhood.
Currently Anastasiya is the Director of Finance at the Bronx Charter School for Children. Prior to joining TBCSC in 2020, she spent 2 years as a Director of Finance at the International Charter School of New York (501(c)(3)) providing financial oversight and 3 years as an Assistant to the Director of Finance helping with directing finance and operations for the Princeton Club of New York (501(c)(7)). Before stepping into the nonprofit world, Anastasiya, for about 7 years, managed the operations and financial administration for an environmental engineering firm.
Anastasiya has a BS from CUNY Brooklyn College in Accounting and Business Management and Finance, MS from Fordham University in Nonprofit Leadership and is currently enrolled in an MBA program at St. John’s University.

Lynn Reno studied Recreation Therapy and Theater at SUNY New Paltz, and Mastered in Health Services Administration at The New School, NY. She works with Mental Health America Dutchess and is also a local musician. Lynn loves a serene walk along a creek or kayaking at sunset, and lives with her husband Gary and 2 cats in Jeffersonville, NY. She hopes to help preserve the Lake Jefferson watershed for future generations.